World’s Smallest Transistor (2nm in size)

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World’s (2nm in size) developed by joint research of South Korean, Japanese and British scientists. Logic gates on Processors are created using Trasistors. And more the number of transistors present on the , more is the performance gain of the system. So, Scientists are always trying their level best to reduce the size of transistors to make them as small as possible, as it would lead to faster processing and greater performance by devices using them.

There was a joint research performed at the Chungbuk National University in South Korea, where the team of scientists from South Korea, Japan and Britain was led by professor Choi Jung-bum. This team worked on the applications of the effect to successfully create the world’s smallest transistor.
Smallest Transistor
A local researcher at the University said, “This transistor could be used to enhance the capabilities of mobile electronic devices”. So, even when we already have dual-core mobile processors with good processing capabilities, we can surely expect more!

Professor Choi Jung-bum said, “The quantum effect transistor, which is just 2 nanometers in size, can operate in regular room temperature and effectively changes the entire paradigm of such devices” (read: mobile devices)

No words regarding the mass production or the availability were mentioned.

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