Razer Transformers collector’s edition gear isn’t more than meets the eye

The gaming geeks over at Razer have been making some of the best computer peripherals like mice and keyboards for gamers for a number of years now. The company has more recently taken to releasing special edition mice rather than completely new designs. The favorite mouse to get the custom collector’s edition touch from Razer is its DeathAdder mouse. In fact, the last time we talked about the DeathAdder it was getting dressed up in Dragon Age II livery.

Razer is back and that DeathAdder mouse is getting dressed up for fans of the Transformers franchise. The mice are for the tie in to the new flick that opens this week in theaters everywhere. The DeathAdder comes in both Autobot and Decepticon versions with the good guy mice in red for Optimus Prime and yellow for Bumblebee. The bad guys are in silver for Megatron and purple for the new baddies that pop out of the dust on the moon.

All of the mice have the same 3.5G sensor and 3500dpi sensitivity. You can pick up any of the four designs for $69.99 each. To complete your Transformers desk swag you can also get a Transformers Vespula dual sided gaming mouse pad with Optimus on one side and Megatron on the other for $44.99. Razer also has a line of laptop sleeve cases in Transformers style for $49.99 each.

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