ASUS to unveil a phone-docking tablet at Computex?

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We love teasers, but the wait can be unbearable sometimes. Luckily, all it takes is a tweak in the URL to uncover ’ upcoming pics ahead of time, as discovered by our eagle-eyed reader Anas. As you might have already figured out, the image on the left — which just went live — seems to be just a reminder of the Eee Pad MeMO’s June launch, though the words “A That Jumps Out at You” could also imply a device bearing 3D functionality of some sort. Maybe ASUS managed to upgrade said 7-inch tablet just in time? We shall see.

But the real meat here lies in the remaining image, which is scheduled to close the loop on the “Pad or ” teaser campaign this coming Sunday. What’s new is merely the intriguing line “How about Both?” below the old text, accompanying the silhouette of what appear to be a large tablet and a smaller -like device. Could this mean ASUS is toying with the idea of an Atrix-like combo, except the is instead just a tablet? We could well be stretching here, but hey, ASUS does say it wants to “,” right? Stay tuned as we’ll find out more at Computex 2011 next week.

Update: It should be noted that the phone-docking idea we’re referring to is not related to the MeMO and MeMic duo — look at the second pic closely and you’ll see that the smaller device has four soft keys, whereas the MeMic has different buttons. Check out the close-up after the break.

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