LG Hitachi to bring Hybrid Drive and 30mm Slot in DVD Player this summer

Category: Optical Drives Peripherals | Posted on June 03, 2011

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Hitachi’s is not something really new, but that’s cool here is that the company will finally release to the public this summer their H:D ODD or Drive. Available for both Notebook and Desktops, these Hybrid ODDs comes with the usual / Reader/Burner function as well as 8GB of internal Storage () SATA III compatible.

Made in order to give the possibility to any own to boost their PC performances by moving your OS SWAP on 8GB of SSD, these solutions however could be in the future capable to feature much more storage space and even the possibility to manufacturer to built-up ultra slim notebook where all your storage capacity will be located in your Hybrid Drive. To the question why only 8GB of SSD, answered us that this was manly done to keep the over all price of such solution as competitive as possible, but offering a 512GB version of these is something technically possible right now.

Finally along side these HD ODDS, LG also introduces their first 30mm Slot-In DVD player that has be mainly designed for Slim Sot-up Box and other tailored made PCs.

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