Wireless Desktop 2000 – A Guard Dog on Your Desktop PC

Category: Peripherals | Posted on June 05, 2011

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Today, announces a and keyboard combo designed with in mind – the new Desktop 2000 – which incorporates Advanced Standard () technology to help secure your personal and business information by encrypting what you type. This is Microsoft’s first keyboard to feature encryption, which industry leaders consider to be one of the most secure encryption standards.

So what is AES? It’s a unique pre-programmed 128-bit encryption key which is designed to help prevent your keystrokes, which are transmitted , from being intercepted and deciphered. So you can type away in confidence. Not only does the 2000 use advanced security technology, but it includes some pretty cool features for performance and comfort as well. The keyboard is paired with the Wireless Mouse 2000 sporting BlueTrack Technology for smooth tracking on virtually any surface1, Windows 7 Taskbar Favorites for easy toggling between applications and a pillow-textured palm rest for added comfort.

The is a great option for anyone looking for a new keyboard with great security and performance features. So whether you’re looking to upgrade or redecorate, the will help protect your information and keep your desktop looking stylish.

[1] BlueTrack Technology does not work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces.

- Suneel Goud, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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