Intel Cloverview to hit at same time as Windows 8, Intel vs. ARM matchup coming

Category: Softwares | Posted on June 29, 2011

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It seems like Windows 7 from Microsoft just hit the market and already we are talking about Windows 8. Generally when Microsoft launches a new OS you can count on it being tied firmly to Intel processors and other x86 offerings on the market. With Windows 8, Microsoft is breaking away from its past of putting the bulk of its weight behind Intel platforms and will make Windows 8 work with other platforms like ARM-powered tablets and laptops.

Intel is apparently going to launch its new Cloverdale processors along with Windows 8. The tidbit comes by way of Intel Director of Product and Technology Media relations Bill Kircos. According to Kircos the Atom Cloverview platform and the Clover Trial CPU are being designed specifically to work with Windows 8. The new OS is set for launch in the second half of 2012 right. There is a chance that the Cloverview platform will beat Windows 8 to market too.

The details on Cloverview are still scant at this point. What we do know is that the Cloverview will be one of the first processors built using the 32nm manufacturing process by Intel. Intel has maintained that the processor will not be aimed at tablets, but the 32nm shrink will mean the processor needs less power and will extend battery life on tablets and notebooks. The Intel Medfield processor will also be on the 32nm process and it is aimed at phones and tablet use. Time will tell if the parts can compete with ARM and others on power consumption.

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