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Intel has indicated that it's looking to receive out of the NAND flash manufacturing business, selling its stake in twain wafer factories to partner Micron for the book value of $600 million. Intel and Micron have long partnered on NAND flash production, under the joint company Intel Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT.) Previously, the companies had enjoyed a half-and-half split, but the announcement of Intel's withdrawal from manufacturing leaves Micron holding a far bigger slice of the pie. Under the terms of the revised ...
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SSDs are beginning to challenge conventional drive form factors in a major way. On the consumer side we're seeing more systems use new form factors for SSDs, enabled by mSATA. The gumstick form factor used in the MacBook Air and ASUS UX Series comes to mind. SSDs can offer performance in a smaller package, thus helping scale down ...
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