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Lauren Sommer wrote a great blog over the weekend on KQED about how supercomputers have hit the “energy wall” – a decidedly real supercomputing problem that NVIDIA’s GPU technology can help to overcome. This is what 1,000 homes looks like. The blog post mentions the Hopper supercomputer, located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). The system consumes 3 megawatts of ...
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Great news……Microsoft today made an announcement that will accelerate the adoption of GPU computing (that is, the use of GPUs as a companion processor to CPUs). The software maker is working on a new programming language extension, called C++ AMP, with a focus on accelerating applications with GPUs. With Microsoft now embracing GPUs in their future higher level language and OS roadmap, it makes the decision to go with GPU computing even easier for those programmers still on the fence. Its intent with ...
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